Main Theme

Make tech work

DPW Amsterdam 2023 will once more be home to the inspiration, enlightenment, and energy that our ambitious procurement community has grown to know and love.

This year there will be a tight focus on how we turn our digital aspirations for procurement into reality, now.

Our speakers, sponsors, and attendees will be challenged to deliver actionable solutions, not just ideas. This is how we will Make Tech Work!

We have everything we need within the DPW ecosystem to move confidently from ambition to action: the brilliant minds, the deep industry knowledge, the success stories, and, of course, the best new technologies that are ready to help us all move forward in progressive, practical, purposeful ways.

The vision is clear. The ambition is bold.

Together we will unlock the real potential of digital in procurement and...MAKE TECH WORK. 

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3 Sub-themes

DPW Amsterdam examines the three natural phases of digital transformation: initiation, execution, and scaling. 


Setting up the digital program for success

  • Understanding business priorities to create a clear and powerful digital transformation objective

  • Choosing the right digital governance model: separate vs integrated digital teams

  • Funding and resourcing the digital transformation program around tech investments, process adjustment, and change management

  • Aligning the top team to drive transformation success to ensure actions follow discussions


Building and integrating technologies

  • Building digital skills among employees

  • Engaging with digital vendors: from RFPs to co-design, co-creation, and co-innovation

  • Architecting your digital infrastructure

  • Integrating best of best-of-breed tools and data into legacy products and processes

  • Developing a test and learn culture and conducting pilots effectively


Creating a future-proof organization

  • Creating an organization and culture of constant learning

  • Making the Head of Digital Procurement role a success

  • Building open innovation capabilities and embedding a new innovation architecture

  • Measuring performance and impact of digital initiatives

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