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Please note a few guidelines before completing the form to apply to speak at DPW Amsterdam. Each submission will be reviewed thoroughly and on a rolling basis. DPW will provide a response if selected.

  • We welcome applications from practitioners as well as from solution providers.

  • Applicants who are selected to speak at DPW Amsterdam will have their tickets to the full event comped, but do not receive any guest

  • When selected, the costs covering the logistics (travel, accommodation, etc.), if any, are covered by the speakers themselves.

  • Due to the large number of speaker applications, we cannot schedule briefing calls or respond to requests via social media.

  • There is no official deadline for speaker submissions. We encourage all applicants to submit a form early to be considered for the widest
    range of sessions.

  • Video recorded talks will be published on DPW’s YouTube channel post-event. DPW retains all copyrights on speaker video footage.

  • Your information will be processed in accordance with DPW’s privacy policy.

  • You are not speaking at any other major procurement and supply chain event in the same year in Europe leading up to DPW Amsterdam.