Sven Lackinger


Sven Lackinger

Sven Lackinger, Sastrify's CEO and co-founder, is a force in the SaaS procurement space. With his experience in founding multiple start-ups and working at firms like Goldman Sachs and BCG, his captivating talks about his entrepreneurial journey and SaaS procurement insights leave audiences inspired.

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October 11, 3:00 PM - 3:30 PM

The evolution of SaaS procurement: how to buy software in 2023

78% of companies overspend by up to 35% on SaaS, but what can they do about it? Join Sastrify CEO Sven Lackinger and Lengoo CFO Dr. Volker Pyrtek (former CPO of Deutsche Telekom) as they breakdown the evolution of SaaS procurement, the challenges along the way, and what the future of buying software looks like.

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