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David Rogers

The world’s leading expert on digital transformation, known for his powerful approach to redefining strategy and transforming the organization for change.

About David Rogers

David Rogers is the world’s leading expert on digital transformation, faculty at Columbia Business School, and bestselling author. His latest book, “The Digital Transformation Roadmap” offers a blueprint to rebuild any organization for continuous change. David advises senior leaders at companies including Microsoft, Google, Citibank, Toyota, Merck, Cartier, NC Bank Saudi, and more.

Speaking At The Conference

October 11, 10:00 AM - 10:25 AM

The digital transformation roadmap: overcoming barriers to make tech work

Digital transformation is an imperative for every business today—yet 70% of DX efforts fail. Acclaimed expert David Rogers will identify the root causes of DX failure, share lessons from the 30% who succeed, and offer a five-step roadmap to rebuild any organization for a future of continuous change.

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