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Planet Proof Procurement: DPW Launches New Sustainability Offering

8 September, 2020 | By Matthias Gutzmann

Organisations want to be planet proof. Carbon negative is the new motto. With up to 80% of greenhouse gas emissions occurring within the scope of procurement and its supply chains, procurement officers have the massive opportunity to influence their corporations positively and change the world for the better.

That’s why DPW is now offering an entire program dedicated to sustainability. 

Matthias Gutzmann, Founder of DPW, said, “Sustainability has become a huge focus for DPW. The time is right to adopt and scale the right technologies and innovations to drive corporate sustainability and for CPOs to seize the opportunity to increasingly become the solution for corporations to make themselves truly future proof and sustainable.”

How DPW is Enabling Sustainability Transformation

From finding new materials to utilising digital tools to audit supply chains, to tracking emission footprints through energy management suites and AI which can propel efficiencies – there’s an innovation to support your sustainable objectives.

Our team has a specific deep industry experience in the sustainability sector. As part of ScoutLab, we are now helping CPOs and their stakeholders around the following sustainability challenges:

  • Finding and scaling new technologies that improve sustainability performance (e.g. blockchain technology for tracking raw materials)
  • Finding alternative and more sustainable solutions and materials (e.g. green electricity and energy-efficient products)
  • Supporting the implementation of technology solutions to help reach your sustainability goals

DPW is fully committed to making the circular economy a model for a truly sustainable procurement world. If you are a CPO who wants to move the sustainability needle and become #planetproof, visit the ScoutLab website or reach out to DPW Founder Matthias Gutzmann at

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