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Our story

How it all started

“In 2018, I was researching procurement conferences to showcase my then-employer, a startup. I was frustrated by the options. The existing conferences were prohibitively expensive for a limited startup budget, lacked investors, and failed to attract an audience of startup businesses, which is critical for procurement to transform digitally and drive innovation.

Identifying this gap in the market, I left my job in New York, moved into my parents’ house in Germany, and invested my entire personal savings to launch DPW.

In September 2019, DPW’s launch conference boasted a record-breaking attendance of over 400 industry leaders from 33 countries and was dubbed “the best new procurement event in years”.

Matthias Gutzmann, Founder DPW

Matthias Gutzmann

The DPW difference

The #1 startup ecosystem for global procurement

The most influential tech ecosystem of the global procurement industry, DPW is built to bring emerging technologies into procurement and a driving force for bringing new ideas, products, and business models into the industry.


The most diverse community in procurement

We are bringing together an incredible and diverse network of startup founders, investors, executives from the world’s most successful technology and advisory firms, business leaders and academia to collaboratively tackle industry-wide challenges.


Experimentation is at the heart of our conference

DPW Conference inspires transformation and makes innovation happen. Our Innovation FastLane sessions enable collaborative innovation between large corporations and emerging technologies by matching corporate innovation needs with relevant technologies.


An experience unlike any other conference

We are creating new inspiring formats fostering collaboration and innovation like DEMO, DPW Hackathon, and Innovation FastLane – events unlike any others in the industry. We also love to have fun. This has never been your typical conference.

Join us at #DPWConference

Attend the world’s flagship event of the digital procurement industry. Digital procurement transformation is happening now.