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What is NEXT100?

NEXT100 is an exclusive and newly launched community of 100 bold, innovative young leaders under 30 all bound together by one shared mission: To create new ideas and concrete solutions and change the course and face of procurement. They are ‘ones to watch’, who have shown outstanding accomplishments in the procurement and digital space.

NEXT100 offers access to benefits including mentorship, access to career development opportunities, projects to solve real-world challenges, and free entry to DPW Amsterdam 2022, the world’s largest technology conference in procurement.

An initiative of DPW and its founding partners, NEXT100 is a program committed to finding, connecting, and supporting emerging talent. Our first edition of NEXT100 focuses on discovering young and delveoping young talent in Europe.

Who are NEXT100’s founding partners?

NEXT100 depends on trusted partnerships with global organisations that have long been committed to identifying and supporting emerging talent with the potential to build the future of procurement. We’ve developed collaborations with a broad variety of organizations – including universities, advocacy groups, businesses, and others. This network helps us find talented people who may go undiscovered or unsupported otherwise, and connect those future leaders to opportunities around the world.

NEXT100 builds on an existing partnership between DPW and its partner ecosystem. Each founding member has realized the power of building a network of exceptional talent, and this partnership allows them to focus on reaching a new pool of talent and helping them grow.

Why does NEXT100 exist?

Technology is changing procurement, and the demand for new talent is increasing exponentially. Unfortunately, qualified candidates are often hard to find, and the shortage of talent is about to become an even bigger problem for hiring organizations in the future.

We believe emerging talent is the key. They’re the future, and they can harness new technology, and drive the new wave of procurement transformation. 

Yet too often, the most brilliant people never realize their full potential for making an impact in procurement. Either they are never discovered, become isolated within their organizations, lack access to opportunities to develop their ideas, or face social and economic barriers. At the same time, systems for identifying talent – such as universities and employers – too often rely on existing, traditional networks. We’re leaving countless exceptional people on the sidelines. 

Imagine if we could find those talented people, connect them to one another, and provide them with the opportunities they need to solve real problems in procurement. That is the purpose of NEXT100.

What type of talent is NEXT100 seeking?

NEXT100 seeks to recognise the individuals who are shaping the future of procurement. There are four categories for you to nominate against, allowing us to honour a well-rounded list of the individuals really nailing it in our industry.

Students, graduates and apprentices

(Doctoral) students, graduates, and apprentices who are studying full or part time, just finished their degrees, or are on an apprentice scheme. Nominees will be making an impact on the industry now, perhaps via the organisation with which they work; perhaps via their ideas or conducted academic research.

Procurement practitioners

Procurement practitioners currently or most recently employed at a corporation.

Vendors & startups

Founders and team members from solution providers including incumbents and emerging technologies.

Strategists and consultants

Strategists and consultants who have developed and applied innovative solutions and digital technological innovation for business partners at either an organisational or product/service level to bring about organisational transformation.

Why does NEXT100 focus on people below the age of 30?

The challenges faced by large organizations today are bigger and more complex than ever. Today’s generation of young and future leaders confront climate change, racial, gender, and other inequality, and changing consumer demands. At the same time, we have better tools than ever to solve these problems. We need a new generation of procurement leaders that can deal with the growing complexity of the world – and that can use the power of new tools and technologies to solve businesses’ greatest challenges.

We believe NEXT100 can find exceptional people at this critical moment in procurement and empower them to build the future of the industry.

What is the cost to enter the NEXT100?

There’s no cost: nominating yourself or a colleague is free.

Who is eligible for NEXT100?

To be considered, applicants for the 2022 edition  must be:

  • 29 years of age or younger as of August 1, 2022
  • You are based in Europe
  • You fall into one of the four categories

It does not matter what country you live in, background you come from, or academic experience they have.

Why are you only looking for talent in Europe?

Engaged commnunities need to grow organically and have to start somewhere. We follow the mantra “start small and scale globally”. The NEXT100 launch focuses on talent in Europe, but our ambition is to launch our Americas and Asian communites in the years to follow.

Can I nominate myself or do I have to be nominated by someone else?

You can be nominated by someone else, or you can nominate yourself. How you are nominated will not affect your eligibility to get into the NEXT100.

Can I nominate only one person?

There is no limit to the number of people you can nominate. As long as their experience and what they have achieved is relevant, then you can put forward as many people as you believe should be considered for the NEXT100.

Is the NEXT100 program in person?

The selection process of the NEXT100 program as well as the announcement of the list and members will be administered virtually. We intend for the 100 people to convene in person each year after their selection by inviting them to attend our annual flagship conference in Amsterdam and other online and offline events.

How do you choose the NEXT100?

DPW has put together the NEXT100 based on nominations and direct applications. The one thing that unites them all is their passion and resolve to make an impact in procurement.

The four categories are of widely different sizes and partly reflect the number of options in each category and partly that there is a difference in the level of the nominated candidates.

Our panel of judges selects the talents based on four criteria:

Justification: We place great emphasis on justifying the professional prerequisites and results of the talent. In addition, we place emphasis on recommendations from the immediate boss or a former boss.

Extended CV: We select on the basis of CVs, where concrete results as well as professional and educational competencies are reported.

Age: The talent must be under 30 years of age.​​

Diversity: NEXT100 is not based on a scientific method and strives to show diversity in terms of gender, education, professional groups and companies.

The NEXT100 list also reflects that it has been selected by a panel of eight people who have been responsible for each of their categories and have selected talents in their own way and with their own values.

Will there be an interview stage as part of the judging process?

No. The judges will refer to the information contained within the entry and so there are no interviews conducted prior to the announcement of the NEXT100.

What are the benefits of applying to NEXT100?

The NEXT100 is a great way to connect and collaborate with other young talents, be recognized by future employers, and learn from the biggest names in procurement. 

NEXT100 winners will receive the following perks:

1. Receive a pass to DPW Amsterdam in 2022

A full conference pass to DPW Amsterdam 2022 on 21 & 22 September in Amsterdam (up to €1,999 value). That means you’ll get to see all of our great speakers from companies like Roche, BMW, Shell, IBM, and many more. These experts will inspire you and leave you with key learning insights.

2. Experiental learning opportunities

We connect NEXT100 members with companies all over the world. This connection guarantees a level of learning that cannot be attained solely in a classroom environment. Either remotely or in-person, NEXT100 members provide insights and solutions to the company sharing their current challenges. Our Fast Track Challenge inspires NEXT100 members to work collaboratively to work on finding viable solutions to real-life problems in a limited amount of time.

3. Attend 1-1 mentor and talent sessions with procurement leaders and experts

You’ll also get exclusive access to talent sessions – small group discussions specifically tailored for the NEXT100, with executives from leading companies. This is your chance to meet with senior executives from the biggest brands, and hear about their procurement journeys. It’s not often that you’re able to chat intimately with such influential people and hear their advice. Expect engaging discussions on how companies use technology in innovative ways, and how you can grow into your desired field. We can’t think of a better way to get inspired, expand your network, flaunt your skills, and move your career forward.

4. Become a digtial procurement rockstar

We connect you with the most innovative technology companies. You’ll get insights into their products and future roadmaps, and learn the latest on digital transformation and implementation.

5. Gain exposure and global recognition through the DPW brand

Your name on the NEXT100! Big moves for your personal brand.

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