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DPW shares biggest CPO hires in 2021

2 December, 2021 | By DPW

They transform companies and deliver business objectives. They are purpose-driven leaders who think like a CEO. They guide their companies through risks and opportunities. They collaborate and create unprecedented value from diverse innovation networks. They attract and develop the next generation of CPO thinking. The 50+ people in DPW’s annual list of top CPO hires highlights global leaders that stepped into the CPO role propelling the industry forward at this incredibly difficult time.

Great news, it was another year of progress for female executives, as many women ascended to the top of their procurement departments. Here are our biggest CPO hires in 2021:

1. Bobby Dhanoa

Title: CPO & Head of Accounts Payable
Company: HSBC

2. Natasha Gurevich

Title: CPO
Company: Nike

3. Melani Wilson Smith

Title: CPO
Company: PepsiCo

4. Al Williams

Title: CPO
Company: Cognizant

“This is a very exciting time to be a CPO. The future of procurement is AI-augmented intelligence — humans plus technology — freeing up professionals for more strategic, value-add work and relationship management.”

Bob Murphy, CPO, IBM

5. Barbara Frenkel

Title: Member of the Executive Board, Purchasing
Company: Porsche AG

6. Graham Wright

Title: CPO
Company: Kyndryl

7. Fabienne Lesbros

Title: CPO
Company: Kone

8. Clint Grimes

Title: CPO
Company: Capital One

9. Christophe Gourlay

Title: CPO
Company: Alstom

10. Veronica Jones

Title: CPO
Company: Gilead Sciences

“Modern CPOs are less about being functional masters of procurement. They are more of enterprise leaders who manage the business.”

Lorena Keough, Managing Partner, Diversified Search Group

11. Clare Harris

Title: EVP Supply Chain, Contracting and Procurement
Company: Shell

12. Sarah Rae Murphy

Title: SVP Global Sourcing & CPO
Company: United Airlines

13. Paul Bestford

Title: CPO
Company: Nutreco

14. Michaela Mayrhofer

Title: CPO & VP
Company: Telia Company

15. Daniel Helmig

Title: CPO
Company: Credit Suisse

16. Paul Courtney

Title: CPO
Company: Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS)

17. Michelle Baker

Title: Head of Services
Company: Thomson Reuters

18. Chris Gallucci

Title: Chief Sourcing and Procurement Officer
Company: ViacomCBS

“Top-performing CPOs are able to speak the language of the business and link procurement strategy and deliverables to the corporate agenda.”

Lucy Harding, Partner, Odgers Berndtson

19. Kevin Oakes

Title: CPO
Company: Synchrony

20. Lisbeth Buschkühl

Title: SVP Supply Chain and CPO
Company: E.ON

21. Nick Jenkinson

Title: CPO
Company: Santander UK

22. Michael Schiappa

Title: CPO
Company: Beeline

23. Juud Tempelman-Sassen

Title: Global CPO
Company: JLL

24. Ben Tessone

Title: CPO
Company: Micron Technology

25. Thomas Roemer

Title: CPO
Company: Covestro

26. Kerstin Enochsson

Title: CPO
Company: Volvo Cars

27. Raj Desai

Title: CPO
Company: Fluor Corporation

28. Séverine Schumacher

Title: CPO
Company: Eramet

29. Remi Charachon

Title: Group CPO & Transform
Company: Air Liquide

“Strategic, tactical, and customer-focused: Features of a great CPO”

Brad Berke, Vice Chairman, Global Supply Chain Officers, Korn Ferry

30. Donna Osiri

Title: CPO
Company: Sony Pictures Entertainment

31. Nedi Telvi

Title: CPO
Company: ADP

32. Massimo Selmo

Title: CPO
Company: Barry Callebaut Group

33. Denna Williams

Title: CPO
Company: Biogen

34. Doug Kortfelt

Title: SVP, Global Procurement Services Leader
Company: Chubb

35. Lisa Zukauskas

Title: CPO
Company: Organon

36. Stéphane Delbos

Title: CPO
Company: Coty

37. Samantha Donaldson

Title: CPO
Company: abrdn

38. Jan Grothe

Title: CPO
Company: Deutsche Bahn

39. Harro Meijran

Title: CPO
Company: Fresenius Medical Care

“In a crisis, CPOs must connect with, motivate, and inspire their team, suppliers, and stakeholders – and show genuine compassion.”

Bernhard Raschke, Chief Transformation Officer, Electrocomponents

40. Barbara Buttinger

Title: CPO
Company: GKN Aerospace

41. Job Verkerke

Title: CPO
Company: Heijmans

42. Louise Clark

Title: CPO
Company: Interpublic Group 

43. Jeroen Wegkamp

Title: CPO
Company: KPN

44. Niklas Hamnstedt

Title: SVP Global Purchasing
Company: Magna International

45. Alexander Ilmert

Title: SVP Procurement
Company: MAN Truck & Bus

46. Estelle Remise

Title: CPO
Company: Randstad

47. Phillip Duncan

Title: SVP Procurement
Company: McKesson

48. James Czarnecki

Title: CPO
Company: MGM Resorts International

49. Rick Bruno

Title: CPO
Company: News Corp

50. Katiana Iavarone

Title: CPO
Company: Bekaert

51. Jeffrey Wincel

Title: CPO
Company: NXP Semiconductors

52. Kristofer Ternstedt

Title: CPO
Company: Saab

53. Michael Hansén

Title: CPO
Company: SEB

54. Emelia Nosser

Title: CPO
Company: Pactiv Evergreen

55. Jose Maria Trujillano

Title: CPO
Company: STELIA Aerospace

56. Melissa McClintock

Title: CPO
Company: Voya Financial

57. Martijn Fijman

Title: CPO
Company: Frontier Communications

58. Brett Whitfield

Title: SVP Global Procurement
Company: Jumeirah Group

“Our vision is a procurement operating model transformed by humans, supported by cognitive technologies, driven by purpose, and delivering business objectives. As a facilitator of collaboration and co-creation, we believe that procurement will extract unprecedented alue from broad and diverse innovation networks. To enable this bold future, procurement leaders must take on an increasingly entrepreneurial role and become a magnet for a new generation of CPO thinking.”

Matthias Gutzmann, Founder, DPW


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