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DPW Launches Innovation Program to Support Procurement’s Digital Transformation & Accelerate Growth for Startups

1 July, 2020 | By Matthias Gutzmann

Startups are already reinventing the future of procurement. As a CPO, your challenge and opportunity is to find the right ones and scale them across the organisation in order to drive new business value.

That’s why DPW has teamed up with corporate and tech innovation experts nlmtd and TNW, a Financial Times company, to launch ScoutLab, an open innovation program aimed at bringing innovations and emerging technology into procurement organisations.

“Our annual flagship conference is all about inspiration and understanding the possible. The next step in DPW’s customer journey is to move from inspiration to impact by helping procurement organisations collaborate and build stronger relationships with startups to ultimately bring new digital tools into their companies. That’s how ScoutLab was born”, DPW founder Matthias Gutzmann said.

ScoutLab helps procurement overcome 3 challenges?

1. Scouting Innovation for Procurement: We help you find and discover the most promising procurement startups that will have the greatest ROI and impact on your function’s digital transformation.

2. Scouting Innovation for your Business: We help you scout innovative solutions and technologies to solve unmet needs of your stakeholders and business partners.

3. Designing Open Innovation Programs: We help you build strategic innovation capabilities into your organisation through 100-day pilots to ensure successful execution of the pilot and a “minimal viable partnership”, lowering your cost and risk for innovation at scale.

What are the benefits for CPOs and their teams?

ScoutLab is absolutely worth exploring, if you are in the midst of a digital transformation and:

  • Want to move from aspiration to innovate to explicitly execute it
  • Need better market insights and understanding of what technology (startups & mature) is out there
  • Must acquire new digital technologies quickly that help complement the current traditional offerings or else drive functional excellence up and operational costs down
  • Want to drive internal knowledge & learning, i.e. by exposing your organisation with new digital technologies and ways of working (e.g. quick pilots/PoC) that can be internalised

“Scouting is a skill and requires a global tech network. Procurement organisations today spend too much time and money scouting emerging technologies (and often in the wrong places), than they do executing pilots, which, if done, often lack strategic implementation, stakeholder commitment, and overall structure for scale. Solving those problems is a big opportunity for procurement to create competitive advantage – or perhaps just survive as an organisation”, Matthias Gutzmann said.

Join DEMO VIRTUAL 2020 as an Inspiration Partner as Your First Step into ScoutLab

To introduce this new service, procurement organisations now have the opportunity to join DEMO VIRTUAL 2020, the industry’s largest online pitch competition bringing together the most disruptive startups in procurement, as our Inspiration Partners.

Based upon your innovation needs and challenges,  we will scout 3 procurement innovations from the DPW and TNW network and set up virtual deep dives to get an in depth understanding of their solutions and the potential value for your company.

As an Inspiration Partner, you’ll receive the following benefits:

  1. Intake & challenge definition workshop to define one specific innovation need
  2. DPW in partnership with TNW & nlmtd scouts three (3) solutions that are best suited to solve your specific problem
  3. On 16 September, three (3) curated startups will present their solutions to you in a private and virtual deep-dive format
  4. Your logo will placed on the DEMO VIRTUAL page under “Inspiration Partners”
  5. Build the brand of your procurement organisation internally and externally and get your team and business excited about the power of ScoutLab and your first quick-wins

“ScoutLab is a powerful innovation ecosystem enabler for procurement and happening at a critical time. The COVID-19 crisis has exposed the vulnerabilities that already existed in the way procurement organisations operate today,” Gutzmann said. “We need solutions now that will accelerate procurement’s digital transformation and drive more speed to innovate, collaborate and purchase goods and services faster than ever.”

Ready to explore ScoutLab further further and drive a culture of innovation at speed & scale? Email me

Matthias Gutzmann is the founder of Digital Procurement World


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