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DPW Conference 2022 returns in-person with 1,000 attendees: What else to expect at the industry’s largest tech event?

17 February, 2022 | By DPW

Tech has never been more important in procurement, so DPW Conference, the world’s largest procurement technology conference, is bringing the industry back together in Amsterdam this September to experience the next generation of procurement innovation.

Check out what’s new and different about DPW Conference 2022!

Redefining the modern global procurement conference 

Founded in 2019 by Matthias Gutzmann, the roots to DPW Conference can be traced back to the founder’s realisation that nearly all existing events failed to attract an audience of startup businesses – the kind of companies who are critical for procurement to transform digitally and drive innovation. Starting from initially humble beginnings, the first event was small, with just over 400 attendees, but still larger than most established procurement conferences today. Since then, DPW Conference has grown exponentially and is now well-established as the industry’s most important gathering of startups. The online-only event in 2021, welcomed over 3,500 attendees from over 80 countries. In uncertain times, it was a global celebration of procurement’s burgeoning tech industry.  

DPW Conference is defined by the diversity and inclusivity of its attendees. This September we’re expecting 1,000 attendees to descend on Amsterdam for the event at the city’s iconic Beurs van Berlage building. We estimate that more than 5,000 global viewers will be watching the event online. 

Networking is king

If there’s one thing we learned from running last year’s fully virtual conference it’s that our business model is adaptable. When it comes to replicating a conference online, streaming content is not a challenge. The harder part is replicating the networking in some meaningful way. You can’t replicate everything that’s happening in the offline world and although today’s software is very powerful, we don’t think any amount of software will replace the magic of true face-to-face contact – and that’s only possible at physical events. 

For our 2022 conference, it’s our ambition to provide a 50/50 split of industry leading content and networking opportunities. Content is still hugely important but here at DPW, we believe that there is a pent-up demand for in-person networking – and that’s something we can’t wait to facilitate in September.  

New Disrupt stage: elevating the visibility of our sponsors

In a break with tradition, we’re also moving away from the linear conference format with keynotes in the morning, fixed lunch and networking breaks and breakout sessions in the afternoon. DPW Conference 2022 represents a shift towards a tech festival and a move away from the conference model that we’ve all grown accustomed to, both in terms of its agenda and its format. 

This year’s event will not only include greater networking opportunities throughout both days of the event, it will also feature two big stages – our Disrupt stage which can fit up to 300 people and Center stage with a capacity of 700 people. We are getting rid of boring looking small-sized breakout rooms and instead, we’re intent of elevating the visibility of our sponsors by allowing them to present on the Disrupt stage. 

Venue floorplan

New startup activations

DPW Conference has become a den of deal-making and a game-changing event for attending startups. Only 20 startups will get the chance to exhibit and speak at DPW Conference 2022, each one selected by the DPW team for its potential, uniqueness and industry-changing ideas. All in all, DPW Conference 2022, will offer new and  more value to each of the 20 selected startups. Here are two examples:

Startup Spotlight sessions live on Center stage

We are excited to announce, for the first time ever at DPW Conference, Startup Spotlight. Startup Spotlight shines a light on our exhibiting startups. Over the course of the two days, each of the attending startups will have three minutes on our main stage to outline to thousands of attendees how their startup addresses the major issues that define their industry, and what this means for their customers.

Founders Day

An exclusive side event offering founders hands-on mentoring and advice delivered by leading investors and founders of the scaleups who have made the procurement ecosystem what it is today.

Top talent under the age of 30 will be invited to attend

Since technology is changing every aspect of procurement, the demand for new talent is increasing exponentially. This is why we came up with NEXT100, an annual list and community of the 100 most exciting procurement professionals under the age of 30. They are ‘ones to watch’ representing the next generation of procurement leaders. The NEXT100 members will be invited to attend DPW Conference 2022 at no cost!

“NEXT100 is a launchpad for young, global procurement talent, by providing them with the chance to attend a world-class event, build their personal brands, and connect them with leading organizations. Our attendees benefit from NEXT100 by accessing the next generation of talent they desperately need to succeed in a digital era.”

Matthias Gutzmann, Founder DPW

There you have it – a DPW Conference which is like no other in procurement. So what are you waiting for? Register your interest today and get alerted when our first tickets will be released in March!


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