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15 Semifinalists Announced for the 2020 DEMO Virtual Startup Pitch Competition

24 August, 2020 | By Matthias Gutzmann

Digital Procurement World (DPW) announced the semifinalists for its DEMO Virtual 2020 startup pitch competition.

Chosen from over 60 applications, this year’s semifinalists represent some of the most cutting-edge companies from around the world in the largest startup pitch competition of the procurement industry.

This year’s judges come from notable companies such as BT, Gartner, Bank of America, Novartis, Mosaic Ventures, Amazon, and more.

The 15 semifinalists, five in each of the three categories, have won the opportunity to pitch their fledgling companies online to a panel of judges for a place at the competition’s Grand Finale to be hosted live online on 16th September, 2020 at 5 pm CEST, and available to watch for free to all users who register online.

They are also in the running to win a free startup package to DPW’s inaugural 2021 conference taking place in Amsterdam, additional pitching opportunities, and to receive the unique distinction of being the DPW DEMO VIRTUAL 2020 winner.

“Now in our second year of programming, DEMO Virtual has become the premier competition for the hottest trends in technology representing the future of procurement,” said DPW Founder Matthias Gutzmann. “We are honored and excited to play our part within procurement by working together with these young and bright innovators to help them showcase their groundbreaking ideas and take their companies to the next level.”

DEMO Virtual is one of the activities from DPW, the first organisation of its kind to focus on bringing startups into the procurement industry. The contest is designed to provide a platform for entrepreneurs from around the world to pitch their solutions to gain global exposure and access deals.

Here are the 15 DEMO Virtual 2020 semifinalists:

e2log (USA)

e2log is technology platform that digitizes the end to end Logistics process, delivering visibility, transparency, agility, control, resilience and cost savings.

Archlet (Switzerland)

Archlet provides an intelligent sourcing advisory platform that lets you explore and optimize your sourcing scenarios in the most intuitive and modular way. We combine market insights with company procurement data allowing you to source most efficiently and effectively

AVISIO (Austria)

AVISIO is developing an easy-to-use cloud solution for hotels that digitizes the entire procurement and inventory management, enables price transparency through real-time price comparisons and that facilitates process optimization using artificial intelligence.

Fairmarkit (USA)

Fairmarkit is the intelligent sourcing platform that empowers organizations to more efficiently purchase the goods and services they need. By equipping procurement and supply-chain teams with automation and data, Fairmarkit promotes competitive bidding while reducing manual work within existing processes.

GenLots (Switzerland)

GenLots has built a machine learning, Software-as-a-Service platform delivering optimal and trustworthy plans in seconds – unlocking savings up to 10% of the total purchasing costs – saving millions of Euros annually while automating parts of the purchasing process at the same time.

Graphite Systems (USA)

Graphite Systems makes it simple and secure for buyers and sellers to connect and conduct business — saving suppliers from endless and redundant onboarding surveys and buyers from managing inaccurate vendor master data.

IntegrityNext (Germany)

IntegrityNext enables organizations to monitor 100% of their suppliers for sustainability and compliance in order to meet the regulatory requirements. The IntegrityNext platform automatically obtains the required supplier self-assessments and certificates while monitoring social media for malpractice and reputational risks.

Kodiak Rating (Sweden)

Kodiak Rating‘s Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) and Supplier Performance Management (SPM) SaaS & complimentary mobile-apps provide a comprehensive platform for procurement excellence. We provide Supplier Relationship Management, shaped for the future. Kodiak Rating’s client organizations manage supply chain risks, reduce their total cost of ownership, and facilitate collaborative innovation with suppliers.

LevaData (USA)

LevaData helps global enterprises improve gross margins by reducing supply chain costs, with a focus on delivering measurable and accountable supply chain solutions and strategies that transform companies. The unique LevaData Cognitive Sourcing™ Platform allows customers to sense, recommend, act, and learn.

Part Analytics (USA)

Part Analytics strategic sourcing solution transforms Direct Material Sourcing to optimize cost, drive efficiency and mitigate supply chain risk with AI-powered analytics and insights. By combining organization’s internal data with market, community and network data, our AI powered platform continuously streams opportunities for savings and risk mitigation to enterprise sourcing leaders. On average, we are able to save enterprise customers up to 20% in direct material costs.

Prospeum (Germany)

Prospeum, the leading sourcing automation platform for IT & Marketing services, accelerates procurement impact by optimizing every interaction throughout the supplier lifecycle. The platform manages all sourcing interactions from supplier scouting & qualification, project scoping and tendering to sophisticated evaluation and analytics insights. Prospeum leverages technology not only to automate painful sourcing activities but also to guide the right actions and increase the sourcing rate to 100%.

scoutbee (Germany)

scoutbee’s AI-powered supplier discovery suite helps procurement leaders see deep supplier insights to make more confident buying decisions. Founded in Germany by procurement experts, scoutbee’s customers include companies such as Audi, Siemens, Airbus, Bosch Rexroth, Heidelberg and SEW Eurodrive. scoutbee has sites in Germany and the United States of America.


SPARETECH develops a collaboration-platform for manufacturing companies to digitize their inventories of spare parts, calculate their real demand, compare parts from different suppliers and source the appropriate part outside or within their production network.

SupplHi (Italy)

SupplHi is the one-stop-platform for Vendor Management based on an industry-specific standard model that allows to match needs and capabilities of Buyers and Vendors of industrial equipment and services, at a global level.

Vizibl (UK)

Vizibl is the leading cloud platform that enables organisations to drive 2x more growth over peers through Supplier Collaboration & Innovation (SC&I). With a co-founding team led by Mark Perera (founding CEO of Procurement Leaders) and Alex Short, Vizibl is transforming how companies tap into the power of their suppliers.


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