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Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions set out the rules for the registration and purchase of tickets for DPW events and the terms and conditions for the attendance at the events organised by DPW. We recommend that you print a copy of these Terms and Conditions for future reference.


Agreement: means the agreement between You and DPW regarding the online registration and purchasing of a ticket for an Event, including these terms and conditions.

Consumer: a natural person whose actions are not carried out for objectives relating to the course of a trade, a profession or a business;

Event: any event organised by DPW as mentioned on the Website.

Terms and Conditions: The general terms and conditions of DPW Events.

Ticket: the document that serves as an admission ticket for an Event, including electronic tickets.

DPW: Digital Procurement World (DPW) is being organised by DPW/Matthias Gutzmann registered at Huntorpstrasse 14, 28259 Bremen, Germany which is in the main business of organising business conferences.

VAT: Value Added Tax.

Website: the DPW website, including

You: means every legal entity or natural person that enters into an agreement with DPW by purchasing a Ticket and/or registering for an Event.

Terms and Conditions

1. Deviations from these Terms and Conditions shall only apply when agreed in writing between You and DPW. The applicability of any of your purchasing or other general terms and conditions is expressly rejected, unless agreed otherwise by DPW in writing. By purchasing a Ticket or registering for an Event You agree to comply with and be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

2. DPW has provided You with these Terms and Conditions before concluding the Agreement. The Terms and Conditions can be consulted via the Website:

Conclusion of Agreement

3. By clicking the button “Place Order” on the Eventbrite Website You conclude an agreement with DPW for the purchase of a Ticket. Therefore it is necessary that You (i) have filled in all necessary fields on the order form and provide your name, email address and company name (ii) have accepted these Terms and Conditions. For more information about the different kind of Tickets consult the Website: https://dpwconf/tickets

Please inform us of any special access requirements at the time of the purchase of your Ticket.

4. If the data entered by on the order form is not correct or DPW has doubt about the validity or correctness of the data, DPW may contact You with the help of the data entered by You. If DPW cannot reach You and thus cannot verify the data, DPW may cancel the reservation.

Payment of registration fees

5. You must pay the registration fee prior to the start of the Event. There is no sales at the door of the venue.

6. Payment must be done in Euro’s. Prices will always be listed with and without VAT or local taxes, if applicable.

7. DPW has the right to cancel your Ticket when You don’t meet the payment deadline.

8. If You, not being a Consumer, do not pay within the agreed payment term or direct debit for whatever reason is unable, or not fully carried out, You are legally in default – without requirement of a notice of default – from the invoice date and You are due an interest of 1% per month on the outstanding amount with a minimum of € 40 (forty Euro’s), excluding VAT, without prejudice to any further rights accruing to DPW.

9. In case of payment default, all judicial costs and extrajudicial collection costs incurred by DPW in order to achieve fulfillment of the obligation are borne by You. The extrajudicial collection costs amount to 15% of the outstanding invoice amount excluding VAT, with a minimum of € 40 (forty Euro’s) charged to You, without prejudice to DPW’s further rights to compensation.

10. If You are a Consumer You are only in default and liable for extrajudicial costs in the situations stated in provision 12 after having been given notice to comply with a notice period of fourteen (14) days starting from the receipt of the demand and You do not meet the demand for payment.

Delivery of Tickets & Risk

11. After clicking the button “Place” on the Eventbrite Website You will receive an automatically generated confirmation email. Please note that the confirmation email can be in your spam or maybe blocked by a spam filter You use.

12. You bare the risk of loss, theft, misappropriation or damage of the Ticket after DPW has sent the confirmation email with the Ticket. DPW therefore advises You to save the confirmation email carefully and if You have not received the confirmation email within 24 (twenty-four) hours to contact DPW:

Customer service email:

13. Any delivery times specified by DPW will never be regarded as a deadline, unless expressly agreed otherwise.

Cancellation or Postponement

14. If you are unable to attend DPW You may, depending on the Event and Ticket, transfer your registration to another person at any date twenty-four (24) hours prior to the Event.

15. Please note that the Tickets purchased are for your own personal use or that of your business only and may not be resold or transferred for commercial gain under any circumstances. Where there has been any resale or attempted resale of any Tickets (or any other breach of this term), DPW reserves the right to cancel the relevant Tickets with immediate effect and without refund. You will not be able to attend the Event.

16. In the event that it is necessary to cancel or postpone the Event as a result of any reason outside of our control (as decided by us in our sole discretion), DPW will endeavour to arrange a replacement Event and, in such circumstances, your booking and the Ticket Terms and Conditions shall apply to such replacement Event; or in the event that a replacement Event is not confirmed within 90 days of the date of cancellation or scheduled to take place in a location which is not within a reasonable distance of the location of the cancelled or postponed Event, we will refund you the amount of the Fee. You acknowledge that such a refund shall constitute your sole remedy, and our only liability to you, in such circumstances.

Refund policy

17. If You are unable to attend the Event You are allowed to transfer your Ticket to a third party or inform DPW of the decision to cancel the Ticket in order to receive a refund.

18. You are allowed to cancel the purchase of a Ticket up to 3rd August, 2020. Refunds are subject to a €50 (fifty euro) processing fee. Cancellations received after that period are non-refundable.

19. In addition, a Customer is allowed to cancel the purchase of a Ticket within fourteen (14) days after the date of purchase of the Ticket. The Customer receives a reimbursement of the fee after informing DPW in writing of the decision to cancel the Ticket.

Transfer policy

20. You may transfer your registration to another person at any date twenty-four (24) hours prior to the Event, by assigning your Ticket to someone else informing DPW in writing at

21. Please note that the Tickets purchased are for your own personal use or that of your business only and may not be resold or transferred for commercial gain under any circumstances. Where there has been any resale or attempted resale of any Tickets (or any other breach of this term), DPW reserves the right to cancel the relevant Tickets with immediate effect and without refund.


22. DPW is not responsible for any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of substitution, alteration, cancellation or postponement of an Event. In the case of an unexpected incident or force majeure, DPW reserves the right to make changes to the date and time for all parts of the Event at least one (1) week prior to the Event. In the case of rescheduling of an Event, You may return your Ticket(s) before a deadline set by DPW, however, preferably immediately after the announcement of the new Event date. After the deadline has expired, DPW will not be obligated to reimburse any registration fees.

23. DPW reserves the right to make changes to the Events at a date less than one week before the Event if there is a justified reason to do so, such as unexpected problem with the venue, or if a speaker is prevented from participating. Please note that while speakers and topics are confirmed at the time of publishing, circumstances beyond the control of DPW may necessitate substitutions, alterations or cancellations of the speakers and/or topics. As such, DPW reserves the right to alter or modify the advertised speakers and/or topics if necessary without any liability to You whatsoever. Any substitutions or alterations will be updated on the DPW Website as soon as possible.

24. DPW preserves the right to refuse Your admission to the Event for any behavior DPW deems unacceptable.

Intellectual Property

25. The possession of a Ticket or admission to an Event does not grant you permission to use any intellectual property, including logo, website, trademark or any other proprietary right of DPW or any third party, such as other guests or speakers at an Event.


26. An Event may be filmed and recorded by audio, visual, audio-visual or electronic means or photographed (including footage or photographs of individuals or groups of attendees), and You must inform the photographer(s) at the Event if You do not wish to be included in any individual or group footage or photographs.

27. DPW, and any third party licensed by DPW, is permitted to use and distribute footage and photographs from an Event, which may feature images of You, in any media (including social media) whether now known or hereafter to be invented throughout the world in perpetuity for the purposes of advertising, publicity, reporting and otherwise in relation to the exploitation of such recordings and photographs.

28. Notwithstanding any clause to the contrary, You shall not have any claim to compensation or benefits or any claim, including, without limitation, claims based upon invasion of privacy, defamation or right of publicity, arising out of any use, alteration, blurring, distortion or use in composite form of their name, image, picture, voice, or likeness in connection with such footage or photographs.

29. Without the express prior written permission of DPW, You may not bring any audio or video recording devices (except for personal cell phones) into the Event.

Badge scanning

30. By creating an Event app profile Your profile, consisting of your name, email address and company name, shall be visible and detectable in the Event application and on the Website. You are free to choose if You want your badge to be scanned during an Event.

Attendance at an Event and Liability

31. You are responsible for arranging an appropriate insurance cover in connection with your attendance at an Event.

32. DPW is solely liable towards You, not being a Consumer, for direct damages caused by the willful misconduct or gross negligence on its part. DPW’s overall liability never exceeds the total amount of the purchase price of the Ticket for the Event.


33. DPW treats all personal data provided by You in accordance with the applicable privacy laws and regulations. For more information regarding the use and security of personal data see our Privacy Statement:


34. If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is null and void, the other provisions of these Terms and Conditions will remain in full effect.

35. Changes to the Terms and Conditions enter into force thirty (30) days from the day they are announced via the Website.

Governing law & disputes

36. The Agreements between You and DPW, these Terms and Conditions, the Code of Conduct are exclusively governed by the law of Germany.

37. Any dispute arising from the Agreement, these Terms and Conditions or the Code of Conduct will be submitted to the competent court in Germany.

Data protection and use of information

38. DPW will make reasonable use of any personal data you provide to us in connection with your registration and attendance at the Event.

39. In particular, you acknowledge that DPW may share the information provided by you to us, including via your Booking Form, with our employees, officers, representatives and/or sub-contractors in connection with the administration of the Event and to ensure your notified requirements (if any) are met. You also acknowledge that we share information provided to us with our Event sponsors for our, and our sponsors’, business purposes as set out in our privacy policy and that this is not subject to your consent.

40. In addition, booking means that your name and organisation will be included on a delegate list, which will be available to all attendees at the Event.

41. You may withdraw your consent to us sharing your information as set out in clause.

42. By contacting us, and in that event DPW will no longer share your information in the manner set out at clause 40. where you have withdrawn your consent. You acknowledge that this will not affect or undo any instances where we have already lawfully shared your information prior to you withdrawing your consent.

43. Where a Booking Form is completed on behalf of another, the person completing the Booking Form warrants that he/she has the authority to do so and also accepts that it is their responsibility to ensure that information about our use of the attendee’s information is provided to them.

44. Following the Event, we may contact you to seek your feedback on the Event in order to help us improve and plan other events in the future.

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